Lemon & Ginger Manuka Honey Popsicles with Blueberries

While the sun is still shining and the weather is still so warm, we think some popsicles are just the answer to help keep us cooled down. You can use our Lemon & Ginger Manuka Honey Syrup with any of your favorite berries to make your own. We used blueberries as they are a hot favorite here. Let us know if you get a chance to make some popsicles with our syrup too, we would love to see.

Makes for 12 servings


5 Tablespoons of Lemon & Ginger Manuka Honey syrup

700mls of filtered water

Your choice of berries and any quantity. However for guidance, we had put approx 5 blueberries per popsicle mold, so that is 60 blueberries. If you choose any large berries, make sure you shop them up as if it's too large, it won't fit in the popsicle mold.


12 Popsicle Molds

12 popsicle sticks


1: Pour the Lemon & Ginger Manuka Honey syrup into a 1 liter glass bottle or any 1 liter bottle. We used a glass milk bottle.

2: Pour your filtered water in the same bottle and put on the lid and give it a good shake.

3: Once mixed and the syrup is diluted well, prepare your molds and pour your Lemon & Ginger Manuka honey mix in it. Make sure you leave approx 1.5 cm gap from the top as once the blueberries go in, the lid and the popsicle stick, you might leak out some of the liquid.

4: Then drop in the blueberries, put the popsicle mold lids on and add in the popsicle sticks in them.

5: Put it in the freezer overnight and by the next day, they are ready to to eaten!