Iced Sparkling Lemon & Manuka Honey Refresher

Break up your day by mixing a refreshing iced Lemon & Ginger Manuka Honey Syrup with sparkling water.
Our Lemon & Ginger Manuka Honey Syrup is packed with 200mg of Vitamin C per serve, loads of freshly squeezed ginger and real Manuka Honey from one of our local beehives in Kerikeri.

Makes for 1 serving


1 1/2 Tablespoons of Lemon & Ginger Manuka Honey syrup (add less if you don't want it so sweet or more if you have a bit of a sweet tooth)

1 1/2 Cups of Sparkling Water

2 thinly sliced wedges of lemon

3 thinly sliced pieces of ginger

5 pieces of ice cubes


1: Pour the Lemon & Ginger Manuka Honey syrup into your desired tall glass.

2: Pour your sparkling water in the same glass and mix and give it a stir.  Make sure there is room for the ice cubes.

3: Once mixed and the syrup is diluted well, add in the ice cubes, the slices of lemon and ginger.

4: Serve and enjoy.